Meet Some of Our People

Just so you know. We are real people with families, friends, and references you can check. Here are pictures of some of us who agreed to show ourselves online. (No models or photoshopping.) Because like everyone else we have trouble with spam and are concerned with identity theft, we are not posting our email addresses or any personal information here. If you would like to make a personal contact, please use our contact page and we will route it to the right person. They will contact you and provide you with their personal email address or phone number.

VideComp, Inc. has been in business for nearly 20 years, several of us were there in the beginning. The last few years we have been growing our Mission Critical Support and Disaster Recovery Services side of the business. We can provide customer and business references on request.

William "Bud" Nail
Duong Le
Computer Specialist
Rodney Necaise Jr.
Security Specialist
Shelia Tolleson
Customer Support